Another flashback – Xfresh X-Gig, Zouk (the original Mainroom, before the crampnovation), 2nd of August 2008.


They Will Kill Us All.

With the ever energetic vocalist. I think you can tell by his dance move that he sings emo/indie.

However, I can’t tell if he’s counting to 4 or 8 or 6 or 12, for the band named…

Nadia’s Picture Show!

How to win an Xfresh T-shirt.

Alright, fine, so it’s called XFM now, and the deejays made sure to cut off the fresh, though the crowd reflexively added the fresh.


I absolutely loved their set. Reggae, and a whole lotta James Brown hard-hitting funk!

Are you enjoy?

The complex interface that makes the sounds of…


No other band plays such happy, catchy, rockin’ and rollin’ like Couple does.

Hey… she’s not… whatshername? But cool guitar nevertheless!

Pointing my Peleng 8mm F3.5 circular fisheye on my Sony A700 to the crowd. I have always loved Zouk lighting!

Bittersweet! He really does look like someone out of a (Datuk) Lat cartoon.

I’ve never seen these guys without glasses. I wonder if I’d recognize them.

Classic sound, classic guitars. Looks like something salvaged out of Peterson’s old guitar repair shop.

Moshpit in Zouk!

Emcee Haniff gets on stage…

…and ends the show.

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