Tengah Meredang

Thank you company (again)!

…and now, for more shots from the company trip in Redang (anywhere from the 27th February 2008 to 1st March 2008.)

Yes, it was obvious whose territory we were now in!

The ferry.

The island. No, wait, not this one.

Anyway one thing that really made the islands and greens and skies pop out was the use of my Sony Alpha 700’s Dynamic Range Optimizer set to Level 5, the maximum available. You know what it’s like if you were to shoot the same scene without such a fantastic feature – the island would be dark and the sky would be a bright white.

Ah, here at last!

Laguna Redang Beach Resort. This is the one with the More More Tea Inn (I bought the T-shirt! I thought Summer Holiday was a really nice movie even though they played it on repeat on TV, making sure I could catch both the ending and beginning…)

My colleagues ran right into the waves!

Wet benches. We came at the wrong (or right) time – the waves were coming in, and so the sea was not safe for swimming on subsequent days.

Oh well, what a waste.

And when the sign is red, NO SWIMMING!

Another sign tells you not to feed the monkey. Yes, there is one solitary monkey on this island. Poor, poor lonely monkey.

That’s why they call it Monkey Island.


Seafood green is in fashion.

It’s quite something to watch waves crash, while the rocks resist.

Tired with the view, we crossed over to the other resort.

On the way back, we made a pit stop. Interesting prices the other states in Malaysia have!

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