This Is Moonshine!

This is Moonshine: A Homemade Music Show, 8th January 2009, Laundry Bar!

This is Izzy.

This is her keyboardist.

This is her drummer.

These are her fans.

This, as well as all the other shots, were shot with my lovely new Carl Zeiss 135mm F1.8. It just gives a totally different glow and somehow gets more color tones; some other lenses would just blow out intense spotlights as one mess of color.

This is the classic bass slut Alda Tan.

This is Broken Scar! Welcome back and thanks for rocking Laundry!

This is Paul Chuah.

Alda is reliving his emo band daydreams in a very emo band pose.

This is Alex Ang, who is never short of expressions and looks like a Duracell drummer bunny here.

This is rock and roll!



Rock Band is the s–t, yo!

This shot, and the following pictures, were shot with my trusty ol’ Minolta 50mm F1.4 unless otherwise specified.

This is Kevin doing a Daniel Johns impression.

This is Az Samad, virtuoso fingerstyle guitarist.

This is how he gets scratches on his guitar body. By scratching his guitar body. (Shot with the Zeiss.)

This is his high action guitar. (Okay, so it’s not actually that high action, in order to tap, but his thick strings make it a challenge.)

This is his nylon-strung SoloEtte.

This is M, an otherwise mystery band featuring M for Melina…

…and M for Michelle. (Also shot with the Zeiss.)

I still maintain that they should’ve called themselves M&M, but Melina says the name was taken.

They played electronica! It seems almost like a natural progression for progressive, experimental musicians to get into electronica.

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