27 Going On 28

Rewind to the 27th of November 2008, with Deserters at Laundry Bar! This series will feature technically imperfect pictures.

Oh no, I’ve cropped the head/hands/body of the subject!

Oh no, I’ve overexposed Bo of Seven! (Darn lights, but he looks cute and smiley-like here.)

Count the number of Sony Alpha users in the picture!

Justin the chimp with a Sony Alpha 900 and the lovely Sigma 14mm F3.5.

D-Ash joins Seven on stage to do his white boy shirt boombox thang.

Fast-forward a day to the 28th of November 2008, where I landed for the first time in Lepaq.

You get to see all sorts of random acts. Anybody can come up and play, whenever they want to!

The wonderful thing about Lepaq is, of course, how lepak it is – you get to sit on carpets with throw pillows, enjoy live music and smoke shisha at the same time!

I’m not sure if a freedom of expression table is also something Lepaq provides.

He hops on for some songs to provide much needed backing. This dude can croon!

Udjinn has funky toes.

Otam. Just close your eyes and imagine you’re in a juke joint listening to this cool cat play blues.

I’m not quite sure what this guy is up to (or is pointing up at.)

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