Epic fail, is what I think David Kilpatrick really meant to say about the Nikon D5000, when you put it on a tripod here.

Don’t get what he means?

So, I Photoshopped in my own tripod to see what it would look like:

That said, it’s half as exciting as the D90 (12.3 megapixel CMOS, 720p 24 FPS HD video, 11-point-AF, Kelvin WB) and half as handicapped as the D60 (requires AF-S/AF-I, few buttons, low-res screen, pentamirror, lowest viewfinder magnification of 0.78x, no Creative Lighting System support.)

10 thoughts on “Trip-o-D5000

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Bowdacious B: I did imagine a tiny tripod shaped like a table heh.

    Nicholas.C: Of course it can! However, the strongest point of having such a vari-angle screen is to take pictures of yourself where you are in front of the camera while looking at the screen – if not, the Sony A300/A350 screen would suffice. Nikon knew this and so you can use the remote! By looking at the screen you can tell if everybody is ready and facing the camera. Well, without the tripod head (or tabletop) in the way, that is!

  2. dreamingArtemis Post author

    wait……..oh man, another idiot camera….>_< I think Olympus and Sony did it just about right. Guess Nikon wanted to be "unique", uniquely stupid is more like it.

  3. D Way Post author

    Frankly, I find it hard to see why they even bothered. With such a premium price for the less-than-stellar features plus a not too useful albeit more flexible than the A300/350’s swiveling screen, one could easily choose to plonk down their bucks for the D90.

    Is it me or does it make no engineering sense in using the articulating screens as per those on semi pro bodies?

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    D Way: I do understand why they put the hinge below, to make for quicker up/down viewing than having to pull it out in the case of a side hinge. A side hinge also causes people in the picture to be looking to the side where the screen is, instead of into the lens (quite funny actually!)

    However, this is one application where they failed hehe.


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