Me Wan Pee Wan

Oh come on, cover me with your green blobs of coverage already!

Yes, it’s one of the rare nights that I can connect to Streamyx. The phone line dies completely whenever it rains so I’m glad it didn’t rain in the evening so here I am, online!

9 thoughts on “Me Wan Pee Wan

  1. kenchill Post author

    Ok, the wiring is screwed. Call telekom to get a contractor to fix the wiring. Can be either from station to pole, or pole to your house.

  2. Bowdacious B Post author

    Hey, I didn’t knew you’re located at Sri Sinar area. Mine was covered, but having the kiasu-ness in me… I had to stick to Streamyx as it’s claimable against my co.

  3. Will Post author

    I’m intrigued with the Wiggy’s 10Mbps speed claim. Of course, it won’t be 10, but even if it’s consistently 5, it’s still way better than anything else we have. Let me know if you get it.

  4. KJ Post author

    regarding bout wiggy.. it’s megabit.. not byte..
    if it’s Byte! wahh! gila laju la..
    but definitely i can confirm that the Wiggy is the best among maxis celcom and those USB modem ones..

  5. Albert Ng Post author

    Bowdacious B: Dang, beats the attempt to cover my location with that blue indicator!

    Will: When I am covered heh.

    kenchill: Ah, thanks for the info!

    Wani Ardy: Hello you have nice blog!

    KJ: And you’re still going to places for Wifi. 😛

    J: Haiya hailor. 🙁


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