Taking Some Time Out

Timeout KL’s On The Up, 21st January 2009 at No Black Tie, with George Wong of TwoStoreyHeart!

Unsuspecting Omar in yet another unsuspecting moment. 135mm F1.8 ISO6400 1/25s.

Kevin of Broken Scar with a ex-presidential expression.

Gotta dig the hair!

I stared at the stairs and got Intan. 135mm F1.8 ISO6400 1/4s.

Wow, I can get a hairlight even on an unlit stairway. 135mm F1.8 ISO6400 1/5s.

Rohnie Tan loves the smell of a Sennheiser Evolution hehe.

Broken Scar is one of those few bands where I get to see Paul Chuah do some serious shredding. Well besides Qings And Kueens but I haven’t seen them around in ages!

Kevin does a South Park character.

Izzy Mohd the serious singer songwriter, who is really not all that serious in real life. I remember realizing that her vocals are very dominant in her songs, much more than most performers, and that is a good thing.

I often subconsciously tune out to lyrics and don’t realize what people are singing about. Oh yeah nice riffs and chord progressions, I’d say.

Red beam of death.

Secret Love Affair does funky, very funky indie!

9 thoughts on “Taking Some Time Out

  1. JL Post author

    Whoaaa..that’s the first time I’ve seen the Sennheiser Evolution used as a vocal mic..or even to mic up violin!!
    Looks weird..

  2. EVo Post author

    Damn dude, i learn so much on lens in ur site wei. dun play play! lol…when posting on taylor’s event btw?

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    smashpOp: Yeah man!

    J: He is a rockstar, you are not.

    JL: Wah, is everybody an audiophile? I had to Google this…

    EVo: Hopefully, soon!

    george: You’re a growing boy.

    noel: Well noticed! Tried to crop 4×5 this time.

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    noel: Nothing. Just trying to see how cropping pictures to 5×4 would look like. It’s closer to a square than even 4×3 (Four-Thirds, digicams) has!

    Also, you can print 20×16" or 10×8"; there must be a reason these ratios exist. Beats me what film has that, though…


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