Colleague Collage

Here’s something you don’t see on my blog regularly – shots of my colleagues!

Farewell Pei Feng!

Farewell Danny! (The Carl Zeiss 135mm F1.8 has an unrealistically shallow depth of field for isolating the subject.)

Farewell Danie, Nurul (but not Rames on the right.)

And as always, we have our farewells at Bumbu Bali. That’s smashpOp in the background. He will be referred to as Jason throughout this post.

Rames loves the window light.

Ee Sze does too!

Thanks Jason for taking this Rembrandt lighting shot! Come to think of it if he shot more to my right there would be more of my right face.

He almost looks like he’s going to Rick Roll me.

Apa cerita bos?

Our creative director Noor, who can be heard blasting the Guitar Hero 3 soundtrack.

We also went to Caff for Jason’s birthday. Interesting outdoor fan!

Zoey the radiant!

Each time I peek over the cubicle (she sits opposite me) I am greeted by her fantastic multi-coated glasses which reflect a very pleasing green. Perhaps it is her choice of desktop wallpaper color that complements her skin tone, I don’t know.

Jason loves the chicken soup. We do, too!

First round on an all-you-can-eat – pepperoni pizza. Light enough for a second round, which I had!

Jenifur is on the phone via 3G.

Joot the expert cake cutter.

Lemon chicken at Mines Shopping Fair, best I’ve ever had!

All thanks to Mr. Shaz.

Take me to the bridge.
Okay, I did, now what?

Take me to the hair care expert! Shaz makes an appearance at the Bukit Bintang Monorail station!

Last Hari Raya, I went to the village full of house numbers that didn’t make any sense – it looked like you could just number your house any way you like!

Left to right: Me, William, Jason, Faraa the hostess.

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