Core Leagues

MMM chicken! Another colleague series, this time at Souled Out!

Yvonne our very pleasant secretary.

Lean on me!

Abang Best! Muzzamil was supposed to be a Youtube superstar but I don’t know how that worked out.

Joshua and Pei Feng, both successful inductees into the land of the tilting-screen Sony Alpha 300 dSLR.

smashpOp/Jason shows us how to camwhore. Do note the orientation of the flash head, it is very important!

Farewell Claire!

Cheers mate!

And then on to another farewell, this time to The Apartment at The Curve.

Life gave Emilie a lemon so she decided to fly on a jetplane.

KJ is lemon-eyed!

All pictures above used a full Color Temperature Orange (CTO) gel with a slower shutter speed to bring in plenty of ambient light, and a colder color temperature (about 2700 Kelvin if I remember correctly.)

Moving on to TGI Friday’s in One Utama (nice place, never been there before). Shukri ponders.

This time farewell to Angie but not Faraa in the back (who is always generous with the snacks, too bad I don’t sit in the same office with her anymore.)

The lamps at TGI Friday’s were nice – we could actually touch them and nudge them to cast light on photographed people! Like our own hanging studio lamps!

Shot at 17mm F5.6 on the full-frame Sony Alpha 900. Ultra-wide angles should give sufficient depth of field, yes?

Apparently not, says this 50% crop. Then again, focusing somewhere deeper into the crowd would’ve helped a bit. I used F5.6 to allow some ambient light in since the flash would not evenly light the scene otherwise (unless I bothered to place a wireless flash at the back…)

Let’s get drunk on iced lemon tea!

Ross Hadi, a light (and easy) voice.

Kok Way, who sat himself in between two lights, getting very nice light. Busy dude as all system engineers are.

Having spotted this, Rames sat in the exact same spot.

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