Feeling angry, a Dave Mustaine kind of angry.

One of my major, major pet peeves is when people do not credit me for pictures that I have taken for free (and they have taken it for free, too.) If you take it for free, please credit me.

I have to watermark my pictures, not because I’m afraid of it being stolen, but because people just keep forgetting to say where they got it from, so I take the trouble to put the watermark in so they don’t have to do it.

Heck, even if you paid me for pictures, don’t go around saying somebody else took it. (Fortunately, that has not happened.)

Somebody removed my watermark before and posted it. Then in real life he goes “Albert bro, I love your pictures maaan. I love the expressions you catch!” I don’t hate him, but if my watermark is that bothersome, you could either:
1) remove the watermark and put it in the text that accompanies the picture
2) ask me for a watermark-less picture while telling me you’d credit me

It costs me money to take your pictures. It costs me time and deprives me of sleep to process them. It costs me hard disk space to keep them. (And I had to buy a new hard disk, total expenses over RM400.) If I didn’t take pictures of people I probably would not have to get a new hard disk.

See, I care enough about you all that I don’t delete pictures of you! 😀

People are surprised when I point out that I took this or that picture. They say, “I thought you were someone who wouldn’t mind?

Well, when I post pictures, people DO comment saying “hey I took THAT picture with your camera!” And I edit my post and apologize for forgetting to credit. I am not alone; people do care about getting properly credited!

Major credits to how Asyraf does it on his blog. On the sidebar it says “Photo credit to Stephanie Chong, for the profile photo“.

On a side note, I took my own profile picture on Facebook. Then I remembered that Jason took my blue-haired profile picture on Friendster so I logged in for the first time in years to add credits where credit was due.

Alda, if you’re reading this, it pisses me off each time I read an article about Estranged and it makes it sound like Lionel and you never had anything to do with the band. If it’s just a article about the current lineup I’m cool but if it’s one of those informational historic articles…

Speaking of history, I would raise my keris in anger if I was Hang Tuah/Hang Jebat and found out that I was removed from history books! Same goes for Yap Ah Loy.

8 thoughts on “Megadaved

  1. aldo Post author

    ouch, calm down albert,

    i totally understand this man….

    its good to inform people. but please, dont get overly angry, its not worth it.

    your great at what you do! i guess in a way? you are a perfect example of how most malaysian musicians feel.

    feel like a slut…..

    but carry on the great work.

    I love em pictures…sorry if i stole and never credit…hehe, im just lazy. but if people ask, i always tell. =)

  2. J Post author

    Agree with Aldo – Please carry on with the great work, and hang out with me more so I can hawk you out – you deserve it! *hugz*

  3. kenchill Post author

    Well, your photos are really good that’s why they take it.

    Anyway, you can stop them by putting a huge ass watermark diagonally across the photo. If they really spend time to remove that watermark, kudos to them then.

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    aldo: Thanks man. You do sound a bit calmer than usual compared to your Xanga self LOL.

    J: I am not sure what hawk out means. *Googles*

    kenchill: Thanks man. Though I do feel intrusive watermarks spoil the picture. 🙁

  5. ShaolinTiger Post author

    Trust me it pisses me off big time too, why can’t people just credit.

    I hate putting watermarks in some way it spoils the picture…but what to do? People just keep on stealing.

    And then when they steal AND crop the watermark out..grrr.

    For those really important ones..I do put the diagonal watermark – but yah it’s very intrusive.

  6. sllim Post author

    totally agree with you! i go to my friend’s blogs/facebook album and see my photos there without any credits! only my watermark to show that i actually took those photos. it’s annoying really.


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