Upgrading Serially

My hard disk was screaming for more space, and I knew it was time to upgrade. I wanted to upgrade to a Serial ATA hard disk (Parallel ATA IDE hard disks are no longer cool) but my MSI K7N2-L Delta motherboard didn’t support it. So, this is how I upgraded, serially:

Sunday – went to get a 32GB CF card, SATA power cable and SATA controller PCI card. I wanted to get the Maxtor 1 Terabyte SATA hard disk but Digital Mall PJ didn’t have stock.

Why do I have a bias for Maxtor? It all started in my school days when Quantum and Seagate were popular choices. Seagate was a crasher among my friends so I bought a Quantum which still works to today.

I then bought one of those infamous Western Digital 80 GB PATA IDE hard disks with 8 MB cache – mine crashed a few years later, as well as 2 of my colleagues’ exact same model. Baaad Western Digital!

Then, Maxtor bought Quantum. Maxtor was pretty untainted so I last bought a Maxtor 300GB PATA IDE hard disk.

Ironically, Seagate bought Maxtor! So was I doomed or what? I don’t know if buying a Seagate would give me the reliability of a Maxtor or the crap of a Seagate.

So I Googled:
Seagate crash – about 733

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