My First Engagement Ceremony, Part Two

Pantun time!

On a side note, remember Ah-Ha? This is a classic skit about meminang!

An important shot.

The ring.

His turn.

I should’ve stood back just a bit to reduce perspective distortion. This was at 24mm (angle of view like 16mm for APS-C.)

Likewise, here – hantaran, beb!

A good way to secure your hantaran is to use pins and double-sided tape. Well you don’t see it in the picture heh!

Doa selamat. (In retrospect, there is a wee bit of large-radius HDR processing in this picture.)

Gifts, for the visitors. (Is this tepak sirih?)

Food, for the visitors. Darn, didn’t notice the lamb!

Part One here.

4 thoughts on “My First Engagement Ceremony, Part Two

  1. KJ Post author

    i felt there’s too many sides with face distortion..

    wedding face distortion is quite a nono..

  2. Silencers Post author

    Too much distortion, man. But that ring shot is awsm.

    And no that’s not a tepak sirih. That’s just a very cute girl giving out souvenirs to visitors.


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