My First Engagement Ceremony, Part One

Last year, I had the pleasure of being at Liyana the makeup artist’s house to shoot… her engagement ceremony!

So who else to make her up, but herself? (Must show before and after maaa… promote makeup artist sikit hehe.)

Go on, pick a color.

While waiting I snooped around the house. Gotta love the colors!

Went downstairs for a bit…

I love it when they match! You don’t know it, but I erased a standing fan on the left hehe. This was shot at 60mm (40mm for those on APS-C) so a very nice, distortion-free shot was made.

Hantaran kek bercawan. You know, kek bercawan? Cupcakes?

I went back upstairs, and found this very photogenic uncle. I think he KNEW how cool he looked at this angle. Maintain!

This is one heck of a photogenic spot!

(The after, with her mom.) All made up and ready to go!

This is part one of three. Wowwee a trilogy!

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