Clubbed While Clubbing

Last Friday 15th May 2009, I went to TAG presents: Sounds Of The Universe: A Depeche Mode Black Celebration at Barsonic, Zouk KL. Who knew that I would get clubbed when clubbing?

I was in the middle of the dance floor, 16th May 2009 around 2 AM, when something or someone delivered a sharp blow to the right of my face, near my eye. I went, “wow what a blow!” and I turned to my right only to see a skinny-elbowed friend of mine. I thought she was overly excited about the song that just came on or something.

By reflex, I covered my head with my hand and it felt warm. I looked at my hand and there was warm blood all over it! I was bleeding profusely! So I ran to the toilet (scaring Clara on the way there) and looked in the mirror. Shit, the right side of my face was covered in blood.

The janitor there was very helpful to get tissue and apply pressure, and a random white guy brought me ice. Thanks random white guy! Thanks janitor dude!

The blood dripped down onto my shirt and inside it. Oh no there goes my nice shirt!

Many who came in went “whoa! What happened?

And then came in this other dude in the picture, who says he was facing a wall when something/someone hit him! He thinks very strongly that it is not an accident and says whoever did this will get it.

So after a while of applying pressure, the bleeding reduced from soaking the entire tissue, to just leaving ‘marks’ of red. I then headed the hell out of that place (with Petrina documenting this.)

I found my friend who I last saw in the general direction of the blow; she said that she was sure she didn’t elbow anybody. I don’t know why I thought it could’ve been her elbow (as later examination of the wound would show, it certainly could not be a sharp elbow.)

The friend she was dancing with, told me that he got hit in the groin, so he thinks somebody in the crowd was very violent.

The bouncers outside had no bandages either. I later saw the other guy who got hit, and he was explaining the situation to a bouncer. The bouncer asked if he was going back in, and he said yes. They positioned a security officer at his table to watch out and look over the crowd. I don’t know if anybody was ever caught.

A while later, a guy came running out of Zouk, jumping over the railing, somersaulting and landing on the cigarette counter with his legs crashing forward into it. He then ran to the valet parking area where security officers caught him, and a guy was pointing at him. The suspect was bleeding at the forehead. I asked another onlooker where this guy was from, and he said Zouk.

Meanwhile, at the cigarette counter, a cigarette promoter girl was sitting on a chair, crying. The other promoters were standing in a circle around her while a few guys were trying to comfort her. I think the suspect could’ve landed on her or something, but it happened too fast for me to see.

So that was freaky, 3 people bled that night!

Still holding a tissue to my wound, I walked to the convenience store near Public Bank near KLCC. Got myself 2 bandages (one for each) but the guy helped me bandage and he decided that one would be enough to cover both. Took a cab home, bathed and shampooed (I hate the cigarette smell on my hair) and called my favorite St. John’s alumni, Wai Fon. She asked if I got the bandage wet – if it was moist it could lead to infection. So I peeled it off.

The upper gash is 2cm long and 2mm wide; the lower gash is also 2cm long and 2mm wide. Interestingly, there is also another mark behind it. I cannot figure out what could leave such a mark! I am however infinitely grateful that it didn’t get my eye and I can still see with both eyes! Likewise for the other guy who got hit. Still, bloody freaky that there are people out there doing this, whether intentionally or not! Please, dance responsibly! Take off any sharp accessories or bling that could bloody cut bloody wounds in people’s faces alright?

And if it is intentional… show yourself, chicken. If you want to teach me a lesson, let me know what it is first because I don’t even know what me or the other guy did!

Later I noticed that my right arm had a mark, possibly a follow-through from whatever it is that cut me. It didn’t feel like a sharp cutting motion, but more like an elbow or fist, oddly.

I had pretty much cleaned up all traces of blood except this spot under my watch. Also note the cigarette burn on my watch.

My shirt, argh! This is the right half. Doesn’t look like a lot here but now I know what amount of blood would come out for such a wound.

The next day, I went to the clinic when it opened. The doctor insisted I get 3 stitches. While I did get local anesthetia, it certainly was not reassuring that you could slightly feel him tugging at the skin. It was a rather long process, and I could hear him saying to his assistant, “potong ini. Bukan. Ini. Potong. Bukan. Bawah sini. Bukan.” I was lying on my left, and as he operated the blood trickled from the wound down past my eyes! His assistant had to swab it. Obviously, I closed my eyes and tried to be as calm as possible.

The lower gash had already dried so he could not do anything about it. So this is what I look like now; I think the yellow makes it look far more dramatic.

I am very thankful that all my life I’ve had a low accident and wound rate… I am usually in places which have a higher risk e.g. moshpits, front of stages (I got hit in the back of my head once by some drunken skinhead’s steel-toe boot as he was crowd surfing, no blood thank goodness, but it was a sign to get out.) I walk in seedy and dingy areas. So far I’ve been alright, and I find it funny that this should happen when I decided to come to Twilight Action Girl, in Barsonic, in Zouk for the very first time since they renovated. (I went for their “last” TAG night back in The Loft upstairs in Zouk, and was a regular back in 2004-2005. Ah, good old un-violent indie dance days.)

I also understand now why you always see medics and ambulances at big concerts. You guys are brave, keep it up! I’d hate to see people come to you, bleeding like mad.

P.S. to my skinny elbowed friend, I’m sorry I ever suspected it was your elbow!

P.P.S. Oh and when I got there at midnight, Panda Head Curry just finished their Depeche Mode acoustic tribute set, which I regret missing! They played like 2-3 Depeche Mode classics and never played anything from Depeche Mode after that. Kinda regret staying for that, then. I am a fan of Depeche Mode enough, to try to make an acoustic version of Martyr. Their stuff makes excellent emo, you know?

38 thoughts on “Clubbed While Clubbing

  1. bobby Post author

    oh man albert….serious nonsense happening in the club that nite man….really sorry to hear bout the incident involving u….hope u recovering fine man….

  2. General Panda Post author

    The fucker that hit you will not go away unpunished…

    Bloody fuckheads… PHC will kick their arses…

  3. YK Post author

    Holy cow! I left around 1am. Didn’t know DM would incite violence like say, German industrial bands.

  4. Stim Girl Post author

    It looks like a beer bottle broke and the serpihan flew and cut your faces. Seriously. That does not look like an injury from a blunt object or body part.

  5. Albert Ng Post author

    YK: Nolah they stopped playing DM around 12:20AM I guess? When I got hit it was something more electro.

    Will: Ironically SLRs are not allowed in Zouk and I purposely did not bring it (makes a heavy dance partner!)

    bunga: Thanks dude for commenting… I’ve emailed you. I didn’t get the other guy’s name though.

    dreamingartemis: Part of me wants to go "it’s just a flesh wound!" We’ll see.

    bobby: I hope so too!

    EVo: I have no idea, I’ve never got hit or seen such an incident at TAG before so it could just be one person.

    Diane: Ah thanks. I actually tried looking up the guy in Facebook, couldn’t find him. I’ve seen him around though!

    General Panda: Thank you! I prefer arse kicking also it’s not bloody.

  6. Albert Ng Post author

    Stim Girl: It certainly didn’t feel like a beer bottle! More like a punch? Also didn’t near any glass breaking.

    buttercup: Yeah man I will.

  7. bunga Post author

    damn! sorry i didn’t see what happened, on your first visit back after reopening. really really sorry about this, we’re speaking to the club now and trying to find out what’s happened.

  8. bunga Post author

    damn! didn’t see this happened at all, i saw you covering your face but never knew you were injured. really sorry about this bro, is that richard that got injured too? please give me a call guys, would like to find out what happened exactly and will try make it up to you.

  9. dreamingartemis Post author

    Holy crap! @_@ YOu alright man?! The wounds real deep, will there be any scarring?

  10. Albert Ng Post author

    Bowdacious B: Yeah man. I don’t even want to think of what would’ve happened if I was any nearer!

    jq: Yeah, hoping for quick recovery.

    Silencers: A cyclops technically has a single lens too heh.

  11. J Post author

    Ah, now I see what the wound looks like, definately deep. Oh well, at least you got some other girl to call when I don’t pick up. Not as if you ever bother to call me anymore anyway.

  12. The Lord Panda Post author

    Probably kids with spikes on their leather. The good news is the left over TPHC? chi after our set should have still be lingering around and speed up your recovery.

  13. Albert Ng Post author

    flysheep: Yeah man, I will.

    SASHA: Yes to all!

    J: Deep, most definitely.

    The Lord Panda: Shall usurp whatever chi I can. And damn those kids!

  14. yapthomas Post author

    Sorry to read on what happened.
    But no bandages?
    What happened to serious injuries where proper first aid can help prevent the injury into infection?

    Sucks! I hate it when private entities don’t take First Aid seriously!

  15. Albert Ng Post author

    yapthomas: Yes it is a bummer that most places don’t have bandages… I did buy a bandage but removed it because it was moist.

    sinnerbuyer: Yes I will!

    Yatz: Thanks man.

  16. Albert Ng Post author

    I’ve deleted two posts by some anonymous coward who used my friend’s name to post. Karma will get you for your unwell-wishing. (Well I’m not bothered to get you myself.)

    ShaolinTiger: Shit, I don’t remember anybody wearing knuckledusters but these things are easy to conceal when not on the hands I guess.

  17. ganz Post author

    wow bro.. it been a while i’m not reading u blog.. n this happen to you..sorry to hear(look) this…

  18. rook_1e Post author

    Darn. That looks bad. Got to wear helment to these kind of places.. they dance with knives. 🙁

  19. Albert Ng Post author

    ganz: I’m gonna call you someday regarding your workplace(s) hehe.

    rook_1e: Well it was probably a sharp ring or bling… I dunno.

  20. The other dude in the picture with the cut. Post author

    Whoa, i didn’t even know that this story was up. What a night! Unlucky for you and me dude, i guess we got to watch out and if it happens again just try to see who the culprit was so that we can dish out revenge. Peace out.

  21. Shah.Legno Post author

    now i know who is the guy that got the hit..
    it’s very surprised me cause firstly i read about this storiy at KLUE Mag website


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