Two Bars

17th February 2009 – Broken Scar, at Groove Junction! But first, here’s brother Darren as An Honest Mistake. Really, literally, he is brother to Kevin Teh, frontman and Broken Scar represent.

Finally, I got to see the Chad Blondel (and Ben) who had been in my Facebook inviting me to gigs across the seas.

Then comes the rockstar! You know they’re rockstars when they have guitar picks adorning the mike stand.

Kevin makes his best Ozzy Osbourne impersonation.

Alex Ang always makes an Ozzy Osbourne impersonation. Kidding!

Alda is resident bassman for the Malaysian lineup of Broken Scar.

Rohnie Tan and Ywenna add some flavor to Broken Scar’s rocking mix.

Paul did a bluesy intro to Shooting Star. Whatever happened to Qings & Kueens, his other hard-rocking band, I wonder?

Kevin is, as always, doing the Yngwie guitar-swing-around-body thing.

The crowd is amused.

Hot chick photographers!

Sorry Kevin, your guitar doesn’t shoot spaceship-destroying lasers like Dave Mustaine’s does.

Ywenna shows us who the boss is.

Fast forward to two days later, at Cloth And Clef, for Feedback: Open Mike a particular Thursday 19th February 2009.

There was a rather empty crowd, but Greg Ramanado still rocked like he was in the company of millions.

And that is exactly how he will later, rock in the company of millions.

Gotta dig his inflections that day – I think he was groovin’ Jamaican or country but not quite. Everything he sang had a twang in it.

The cool Justin Wong.

So cool, the usual standing tiger smiles, and Sarah Fathallah sings along.

Organizer Reza Salleh then went up for a bar or two, with some covers, which he’d rarely perform (no more Stan Bush – The Touch?)

And of course, the bartender stood by.

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