This is why I am not a fan of Gmail. It never liked me. 🙁

Yes, I am still at Hotmail.

Speaking of which, I am on Twitter! If you can tell what my default username is from the screenshot, you can Follow MeTM. That’s one way you’ll know when I’ve updated my blog.

Now, I really am not a fan of knowing where and what you had for lunch so I might not follow some of you back (with the exception of hot chicks.)

I am also not a fan of posting the content I produce – text, pictures and images, all over – that is why I do not really post any pictures in Flickr or Facebook. I hate having my works in a site, that could be closed down or become totally unpopular and uncool.

Remember Friendster? I used to write these awesome testimonials for friends. Then spammers and viruses infected the network and you won’t find a real testimonial on anybody’s testimonial page anymore. I still keep the testimonials I write for friends in a separate text file in my hard disk!

It’s like, you own it, but you are not guaranteed access to it, or you will eventually find it a lot harder to find what you’ve posted before.

Do you seriously think Facebook will be around forever? Some other site is going to supersede it eventually… but that site might drop some features that Facebook had. Or, Facebook reinvents itself, and you join the “I hate the new Facebook!” page.

And that, my dear friends, is why I post pictures on my blog mostly.

So, in that belief, I will re-tweet my only exclusive content Twitter tweets, here, in case Twitter gets rehauled someday into something we don’t recognize:

I’ll have the Guinness Record of having the shortest gastrointestinal tract. Yes I’m reporting live!
2:31 PM Jun 16th from mobile web

Shah Alamak!
4:33 PM Apr 29th from web

It’s always the right cheek. The left cheek just means that I wanted to, uh, adjust myself.
4:12 PM Apr 24th from web

Ever seen those awards on Flickr? There are a load of very easily impressed people.
10:41 AM Apr 21st from web

I hate that my digestive system has the capacity of a 850cc Kancil.
10:55 PM Apr 19th from web

I joined Twitter today for the sole purpose of coding so websites will have updates automatically shown on Twitter.
4:55 PM Mar 24th from web

Yes, my original Twitter posts are 50% about my tummy. I have six-pack abs but a small capacity stomach. I have a chiselled Greek nose but a sinus-prone nasal tract. You win some, you lose some.

9 thoughts on “Witter

  1. Michelle Post author

    I have twitter but when I clicked the link, it directs me to the homepage.

    How am I suppose to follow you?

    Why not you follow me?


  2. BB Post author

    i follow your twitter to see if you twitpic any hot chicks you met when you told me that you’re out for a TT >:(

  3. Bowdacious B Post author

    Ah too bad, I don’t have a twitter account just yet. No reason for me to have one, due to like you say… not a fan of knowing who had lunch at what time, where and etc. I would somehow prefer RSS to follow up on blog content.

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    Bowdacious B: I think the hint to how to do this is answered by flysheep. I know it can be done but I don’t make it obvious. 😉

    Michelle: I don’t know your Twitter account either LOL. It’s in the screenshot, a big hint is there!

    BB: I don’t Twitpic due to my beliefs stated in my blog entry. 😛 Also, TT no hot chicks wan. 🙁

    flysheep: Smart!


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