Apartment Acoustics

Rewind to Moonshine: A Homemade Acoustic Show, 21st February 2009, in The Apartment Downtown, KLCC! Here’s Isaac Entry with some blinkers on.

He got the gritty juke joint blues.

Paolo Delfino, long time no see!

He is joined by Ian Foo.

Ian brought a whistle which makes more than whistling sounds. I don’t know where I’ve heard this effect before but it’s very cartoony!

Erin the attention-paying audience member.

Meanwhile, behind the stage, sat a big crowd of Nuffnang members and staff, in apparently an important meeting. I had never seen a blogger meet, so quiet!

Sadly, after that, they spread out and starting camwhoring. I tried to usher the crowd away from standing right behind the performers! Now this might’ve been okay if it was an electric, loud gig, but this was a passionate acoustic gig where people play delicate songs…

…for example, Paolo was playing an acoustic, passionate version of Britney Spears – Womanizer.

Spotted: Big White Guy and Skinny Leather-Pants-Wearing Girl.

Yes, she likes to overtake heads in pictures. I remember when she was still at Blogspot and LiveJournal!

Fast-forward to Moonshine: A Homemade Acoustic Show, 19th April 2009, with the funky soulful fresh Zalila Lee.

I would’ve loved to see her perform again with Nisha Tham… but that was an unforgettable performance I haven’t blogged about yet. That night however she did a cover of James Morrison – You Make It Real (not as cool as the other cover she did with Nisha…)

Najwa, prancing her fingers on the keyboard doing soul. She also did a little cover of Lady Gaga – Poker Face!

Her brother Farhan joins her for a little melody and to play the rap-o-phile.


Sarah F., gig regular for as long as she’d been in Malaysia, and her Coke bottle. Happy travelling, and avoid the flu!

Over at the bar.

It seems that this particular table tends to seat loud crowds – these ladies were laughing loudly throughout most of the performance!

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  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Hmmm, I just reminded myself that I tend to crop off guitar headstocks due to the nature of my composition! I never noticed if the Takamine sounds any different – I guess it’s the player that makes the tone. Thanks!


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