About That Movie I Collect Toys Of

Optimus Prime, in Transformers (2007), I could say, “Yeah, you’ve become a lot more badass.

Now, in Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, I don’t know what to say. It’s not the noble you, it’s not the righteous you. You say lines I never would expect you to say. In a way, you broke my heart.

Michael Bay, you ass, you did it because you could and wanted to make people cry. But we sat there and both YK and me knew very well what was coming on. Probably the most predictable part of the movie. “Hey wait a minute, this seems all too familiar…

Before Transformers (1986) such a… “plot device” did not happen. Then filmmakers learned from the outlash from this, so they made “plot devices which turn optimistic“. So now many years later it would seem all too predictable and cliche for the “plot device which turns optimistic” to be used again. Maybe this is Michael’s way of saying, “see, I wasn’t such an ass after all!

There’s no more need to “wipe out the old toy line for the new toy line” – Hasbro as of the 90’s discovered “recolors”, far more than the movie ever had.

Devastator wasn’t all that cool. Though it was nice to have a few brothers in the hood who didn’t get hit or taken to pieces like in the first one.

Frank Welker does Soundwave’s voice, as it was in the cartoon, but it sure doesn’t sound like him! If anything, the Decepticons who had lines in the cartoon, always had very distinctive voices and characters. Even more so for the Autobots – you could always identify an Autobot by their accent and what they said even if you weren’t looking at the screen.

So when the bigwigs stated in interviews that the cartoon movie killed off the characters to make new toys, I wonder if they realized how relatively fleshed-out each Transformer really was!

Watch this parody:

Heavy Metal Fight

Here you can see how strongly each character was defined, that they could make fun of each character. Each voice is pretty much spot on! Ironhide, Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave are supposed to sound like that! Now they are generic macho male voices. We didn’t even get to hear much of Mike Patton (my favorite metal voice ever – heard of Faith No More?)

At least, Skids and Wheelie were voiced by Tom Kenny a.k.a. Spongebob Squarepants. And interestingly, Frank Welker, the original classic Megatron voice, is the voice in Transformers: The Game (based on the live-action movie) but Hugo Weaving does Megatron in the live-action movies.

I didn’t like that they conveniently stole sci-fi capabilities from Stargate: SG-1 and X-Men – the Transformers universe as we knew it, didn’t have such things as robots made of spherical little General Grevious-es and robots that can be pimped faster than they can even transform! Some parts felt ridiculous in the way X-Men Origins: Wolverine did.

Oh, and there’s nothing at the end of the credits. I stayed so that the world would know!

Bonus kickass Youtube link of the day:

Kevin’s Transformer Videos

He did stop-motion transformation videos for his Transformers, even the Star Wars: Transformers ones (which would need even more patience!)

10 thoughts on “About That Movie I Collect Toys Of

  1. shootkk Post author

    Ok…. so old nostalgic sentiments apart, what’s the verdict? Is the movie good or did Micheal Bay finally screwed it all up?

  2. Will Post author

    The story could be better. And the dialog made my ears bleed.

    Mikaela: Sam! I love you!
    Sam: *oh ok time to wake up*
    M: Yay!
    Sam: I love you too hahahahaha.

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    shootkk: I didn’t particularly like it, but a lot of people thought it was good.

    smashpOp: Yeah man. 🙁

    Will: LOL!

    EVo: Have fun!

    Bowdacious B: Given how many lines he had throughout the whole movie we could see how dispensible the characters were to Michael Bay. 🙁

  4. KJ Post author

    I was just about to say rollout.. LoL =P LoLLL HAHAHA

    yea.. totally SUCKS in character development at all for the movies.. zZz.. the first and the 2nd one as well.. i think they introduced Ravage n Jetfire more than any of the other character that supposingly shouldn’t suppose to just appeared and died.. =P anyway.. what happened to Prime’s All-Spark that the decepticon revived Megatron in just seconds with a small speck of the All-Spark.. zZz..

  5. Patrick Post author

    I held my breath for Arcee making it to the big screen. Bay made her into 3 robots with a hive mind and then kills off 2 on-screen. Not happy. I say scrap the twins. Too childish and annoying. I’d rahter more arcee and soundwave screentime. but I like Bay giving a nod towards the Pretender series of transformers with Alice – the fembot from hell.

  6. Albert Ng Post author

    I thought I heard Chromia somewhere in Egypt. Or was it? Wai Fon came in late (for the second time I watched it, just because) and I’d give a plot summary but realized it was largely inconsequential. Michael Bay was like "oh, you want combiner bots? Here you go… BOOM! HAHAHAHA. Oh, you want lady bots? Here you go… BOOM! HAHAHAHA."


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