January 26th 2008: Quiksilver Revolution 2.0 at Sunway Lagoon!

Rudimentary crowd shot. If not for the girl in bikini you wouldn’t know this was a waterpark.

Likewise here. I am really not sure what is the purpose of a white top if, once wet, you can see the bikini underneath anyway.

What would be your ideal vacation?” “HMMM…

Oh you want to interview me?” “Look, a plane!

Down at the bar I bumped into Diane…

…and Suzanne.

I wonder if this swimsuit inspired the Borat swimsuit.

Psst I think that guy over there is checking us out.

Wave pool!

In case you’re wondering what’s with the colors, my Cosina 70-210mm F2.8-4 1:2.5x Macro was used for today’s set of telephoto pictures.

…with the additional 2x teleconverter for longer reach on my (then) A700.


I picked the best color channel to make a black-and-white.

And now, on to drier things.

Yep, it does say “Made in China.”

Jamiroquai might’ve been inspired by this some.

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