Awesome Postum!

Happy Birthday Taste Buddy!

Yes, we share similiar taste buds from the way we discovered that we eat Indomee Goreng with Telur Atas in the exact same way and have a predisposition towards Nando’s and cheese naan and tandoori chicken.

She is often referred to as Spongey. I wonder why.

However, age determines that I do not listen to Paramore, but she (and Darren) do, and buy shirts.

Location also brought her up to be a gangster (raised in Hong Kong and Klang, don’t mess!)

Somehow, that might explain why she looks so cool at pool…

…even when she’s not playing it.

Legs forever!

3 thoughts on “Awesome Postum!

  1. Janice Post author

    Thank you so much Albert!!! I love the pictures 😀 miss you my taste buddy, please go and have indomee for me now please, I’m craving for it 🙁

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Janice: Had it the other day in Subang. And been around Devi’s Hartamas a fair bit but will definitely hit the Bestari!

    george: When I know it’s your birthday and I have a lot of pictures of you accumulated, sure! 😀


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