Am I Sure?

First, read Ken Rockwell‘s fun article, How to Spot an Amateur.

So, according to Ken Rockwell, which of these identify you as an amateur?

1) Backpack
2) Carrying too much stuff
3) Polarizer over UV filter, or polarizer used all the time
4) Midrange zoom
5) Camera worn directly over the neck
6) Clean gear
7) New DSLR
8) Lens cap and lens keepers
9) Using a tripod in daylight
10) LCD magnifier
11) Beepers
12) Camera brand strap showing logo
13) Hood on backwards
14) Tripods, fast lenses and high ISOs

I mostly agree with his points – I never liked backpacks that make you look like turtles, I never liked lens caps (except for my Peleng 8mm F3.5 circular fisheye, where you simply cannot get a protective filter for it) and I don’t like that AF focus confirm beep. Funny how people will brag how silent their focus is but the beep is still there!

I don’t bring lens hoods because all you need to combat flare is to know where to stand and where to stretch out your hand. I don’t need no tripod either with SteadyShot built-in!

I have been carrying only my midrange zoom (Minolta 24-105mm F3.5-4.5(D)) a lot lately because it’s the best fit for my Sony LCS-WR1AM wrapping cloth.

I also have a New DSLR worn directly over the neck (when shooting, but when not shooting it goes over diagonally.) I recently reversed the camera brand strap so it blends in with the look of the wrapping cloth.

So yeah, 3 out of 14 points. 21.4% amateur! (It would be more fun if he had made it an online poll.)

11 thoughts on “Am I Sure?

  1. Templar Post author

    Hmm… let me try:
    1) I don’t use backpack.
    2) I have only 1 lens. Is this consider "too many parts" ? Ok, I admit I bring another thing: a flash.
    3) I don’t even has a UV filter.
    4) Mid range zoom, yes the current lens I has is a mid-range. Thinking to trade a 35mm instead…..
    5) LOL. I do this all the time.
    6) Clean gear, I don’t think so. I have finger print on my lens.
    7) New DSLR – hmm….. is < 1 year consider new ?
    8) LOL, I have my lens cap on whenever I don’t shoot. 😛
    9) Tripod? No way.
    10) LCD magnifier, what’s that ?
    11) Beepers, ok I on this function.
    12) I have only one strap. So, no choice.
    13) Hood on backwards. LOL, yes, lazy to take it down. 😛
    14) Out of 3, I have 2. LOL

    My score: 6/14. OMG ! I am a amateur !

  2. Lex Post author

    err I dont think I make the cut! ha!
    we should go out street shooting sometimes again and i can tell you my adventures of shooting gay boys! haha

  3. buttercup Post author

    1)I’ve got a backpack, cos, i travel far often. I need chargers. (one point)

    2)Oh yes, alot of stuffs. Of course i got lots of stuffs when I have my backpack! that’s the only thing i bought! and thanks to my backpack, i just bring 1 bag for EVERYTHING to China. not 10 bags. (one point)

    3)UV filter only.

    4)people said, "it’s not about the gear, it’s about the photographer.". Mid-range zoom lense? hey man, i got no money, if you’re gonna sponsor me, i’ll take the 70-400 like a dumbass where ever i go. (one point)

    5)I don’t do it, but i think sometimes, certain ppl aren’t rich. they are afraid that their precious fell down and that will be their last camera.

    6)ah. totally not clean. almost everyone asked, "OMFG, what’s wrong with your lense?!"

    7)New is not noob. say, someone damn pro got a new Canon 5D Mark II. Geee, he’s damn noob! Clearly it’s not!

    8)again, not everyone’s rich. i think lense cap’s good. I had it all the time.(one point)

    9)not yet. I might consider doing so if that somebody wants to give me a 70-400. I’ll get a monopod in addition. to make it more dumb.

    10)first time hearing that.

    11)Beepers. LOL! Well, I think it is damn good to be used, when you’re shooting in a poor lited area, whereby, that beeping might increase the chances to tell you that, "Hey, you got the focusing rite." Call me noob. (one point)

    12)my "sony" is peeling off. Hey, where did that "S" gone to?

    13)only when i’m with my 55-200. dunno where to chuck it since i’m not needing it during the shooting. *but you won’t know when you need it if you left it at home* (one point)

    14) People are rich! refer back to 4) and related "topic".

    *Albert, this is not for you. is for that guy. LOL!

    6/14. you does the maths. i’m noob.

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    Ewin: Yes indeed! Hope my DMF tip did it for you.

    Templar: You are a champion. And your new DSLR could’ve been older!

    Lex: Not sure I wanna see the pictures, but yeah man!

    buttercup: You’d have to read the context – he means to hang it diagonally when walking. Eh, Canon 5D MkII owner can be n00b okay!

    Nicholas.C: Or you could just see on the viewfinder that it is in focus. Do we need to be told that it’s in focus?

  5. shootkk Post author

    Hmm… let me see..

    1. Nope, No backpack. One frakking beat up free bag is all I have.
    2. I wish I had too much stuff to carry.
    3. UV only and only on one lens.
    4. I have a superzoom! Does that count?
    5. Only when I’m shooting…
    6. If you consider dust on the INSIDE of your front elements clean..
    7. The A100 new??!! Dun think so…
    8. I put on the cap when I’m storing them…
    9. Dun have no tripod…
    10. Nope
    11. Guilty as charged!
    12. I have only one strap!!
    13. For times when I’m in a hurry…
    14. Nope, nope and nope…

    So… 5 out of 14 … 36% noob! Ahahahahahaha….

  6. Nicholas.C Post author

    Ok people listen:

    Beepers are bad. ESPECIALLY in dark ares like a performance space.

    I dunno about other cams, but all Nikons have a focus confirmation LIGHT in the VIEWFINDER. It’s there for a reason. USE IT.


  7. ahmike Post author

    1) Messenger bag 🙂
    2) Carrying too much stuff (1 point)
    3) Nope hardly
    4) Midrange zoom uh oh (1 point)
    5) Sorry using sling type already due to Darren poison.
    6) Yes – cannot meh ? (1 point)
    7) A200 not new
    8) (Lens cap 0.5)
    9) nope
    10) nope
    11) Beepers – Beep Beep (1 point)
    12) different logo 😛
    13) nope
    14) cheapo tripod RM50, fast lens YES (1 point) , high and noisy ISO got la..

    5.5 / 14 😛 uh oh

  8. Albert Ng Post author

    Tan Yee Wei: The reason why I posted this is because I believe there is much truth in this particular article. 😀

    ahmike: Got B+W filter, don’t need no cap man. 😀


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