Gigs From The Hart

7th March 2009 – I was in Desa Sri Hartamas when I heard classic rock in a place I’d never heard it before.

This was The Blackboard, a pub.

Hey isn’t that Jimmy North? I only knew later who he was.

In case you’re wondering what’s with the grain, it’s shot at ISO16000 (no that is not a typo – ISO6400, with EV boosted 1.3 stops!)

Then, I headed over to the original spot of Lepaq, where it was their fundraiser event (they would close down if they could not pay the 3-months-due rent!)

And so, many who could carry a tune and play guitar, went up.

Zaim the bassman.

I loved that they brought the stage out into the middle and put spotlights on the performers.

Ike, bassist for Bite Me Butterfly (though Bite Me Butterfly wasn’t playing.)

I don’t know these people.

Drunken support crew.

Atraz gave a very touching speech about why he started the cafe, how he had to sell his car, and touched a bit on his customer’s habits (which wasn’t good for business). Admittedly I am like one of them too.

From Lepaq’s Myspace page:
Lepaq Cafe is not just a place, but a home to all. We don’t serve customers, but friends. Here, no matter who or what you are, we are all one and the same. Grow with us and we will grow with you, and let us together form a bond, a CULT, a brotherhood, a community. Lepaq Community.

On with the show!

Wani Ardy I see her hardly.

God bless my Carl Zeiss 135mm F1.8 for the glow.

Shisha man.


Shisha is undoubtedly more visual than cigarette smoke.

Then, Atraz took the mike and stunned me with some tough gruff vocals.

His vision for making a place where people could go up and perform anytime they like and smoke shisha and lie on pillows and carpets was a great one.

I have this shirt too!

Izuan Shah, on drums!

This guy does an excellent Eddie Vedder. His hair is even similiar!

So did Lepaq survive on its idealistic premise of a gig place without the formulaic structure of more established gig venues, or did they have to close down? That question shall be answered in another blog post!

8 thoughts on “Gigs From The Hart

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Lex: Apparently, so is Paul’s Place!

    noel: Ah, for part 2!

    Ewin: Thanks man! Yours also power bokeh. The look is quite different but I’m sure yours has the glow too!

  2. atraz Post author

    thanx dude..coz theres loads of people out there have a negative tinkin bout me & LEPAQ wen we did the fundraiser wuz like to open their eyes(public) that theres no free entertainment.if we want to support the local unknown’ artiste or even the local music scene then support us sincerely…i hope u will write about LEPAQ again and do come down to LEPAQ@KELANA MALL dis saturday 22nd Aug.we have loads of bands and a poetry slam…a FREEDOM there bro..

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    atraz: I was touched by the speech dude. Quite sad to see many gig places come and go. Will drop by someday (when I can get a friend with a car to check it out!)


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