A Certain Shade

16th April 2009 was Obscuradio down at Laundry Bar. Pictures have undergone random level tweaks for that typical wannabe-cross-processed-film look. I haven’t done this in a while!

Gregory Ramanado, of The Ramanados!

He is not a Ramanado.

He is a Ramanado. They play songs in the key of hard rock and funk.

Apparently, he brought his black tie to Laundry.

Steve the shredder.

That usual cross-processed-from-digital-look has a bit of green in the shadows. Ironically, I like it that way too!

My Moroccan friend Sarah! This was the last gig we went to. We met by me blocking her view at gigs! (You kinda have to get in front with a fisheye.)

After the show Greg is surrounded by fans of attractive persuasion!

Right after is Darren Ashley Thomas of Two Hand Band, who is a musical wizard! This crazily talented dude even rapped and sung in Chinese for a short bit.

He’d either be playing by himself and accompanied by a backing track on his Mac…

…or with a human keyboardist.

Samuel Oh of Bus Company joins in with a most cool guitar.

Obligatory ambient-light ISO6400 shot.

Greg is still talking to fans. Dang, dawg!

Bo of Seven, a very funky, jazzy, laid back band.

Rohnie (who also played with Darren for a bit.) This night was full of band slutdom.

Darren then comes on to do his beatboxing!

Emir (of Throne Away) comes on to sing and play harmonica! This was a very satisfying jam session to watch.

Another fisheye shot!

Sam inspects the fish.

I bumped into an old acquaintance, who interestingly had a sketchbook and pen. Her friends were all doodling in, and they passed it to me. “Just draw whatever randomly comes to your hands.

And so, this dude came about.

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