One 24th of April 2009, I was in Desa Sri Hartamas when I bumped into Ziel performing at Lepaq Cafe!

(And so that answers the mystery in my previous blog entry about this wonderful place – yes, Lepaq Cafe survived!)

Ziel is what I would describe to be some kind of modern angry metal.

Darn purple lights!

Random dude on stage – that is the theme of Lepaq. Get up and play if you want to!

I see this dude all the time, but I have no idea who he is, either.

However, if you’re still looking for Lepaq down a street in Desa Sri Hartamas, it’s not there anymore – it has moved to Kelana Mall. I still haven’t gotten round to visiting it! That, and the MCPA, are two gig venues I have never been to.

Hit their Myspace to see when their latest gigs are!

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