Back From The K

Time travelling. Guess what year this was taken!

With the benefit of Fujifilm Superia ASA400, this was in 2009, through a Vivitar 75-205mm F3.5-4.5 in K-mount which I sold a while back. Most likely shot at 75mm F8.

The lens does pretty well at 205mm F4.5 (or was it F5.6?) This is a 100% crop from a 1908×1269 pixel scan, though…

Flare, mainstay of older optics.

Should be shot around F8. The light leak is from when I tried to check if the film was properly loaded by opening the back (and I forgot that I could just look at the winder!)

75mm at F5.6. And that’s all from the Cosina CT1EX K-mount body!

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