Fam-Lay welcomes the crowd for what is to be…

N*E*R*D! Pharrell Williams, one half of superstar producer group The Neptunes (Chad Hugo could not make it.) This was down at the Sunburst Music Festival, 21st March 2009.

I have to admit, I was already very excited to see this band on the original Sunburst 2009 setlist. I’ve been digging their funk-rock-meets-hip-hop-meets-crunk tunes since Fly Or Die (and the voracious Lapdance.)

Shae Haley, one third of N*E*R*D (short for No One Ever Really Dies).

Shae finds Malaysia a bit hot!

Time For Some Action!

They played a good mix of songs from all three albums, starting with the crunky stuff (Anti-Matter was the first song.)

N*E*R*D called some dudes up on stage to boogie down with them. This was obviously to the crunkier stuff (Killjoy, Rockstar, new song Thrasher, Popcorn, new song Soldier, and Spaz if I remember correctly…)

Well hold up! yeah you.

Pharrell interrupted the show to scold a photographer who was pushing people (I’ve been elbowed by such inconsiderate photographers before.)

Now I apologize for bringing attention to you, and, and maybe if I embarrass you I didn’t mean to do that but I’m just saying like, there’s one of you, and there’s like 30 people and you’re pushing them off like they can’t have a good time. These people paid to have a good time! You must not know what an N*E*R*D show is about. It’s about the people!

Transcribed from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_F4BeMP93bM.

And then they cut to Don’t Worry About It.

Everybody wants to flash Pharrell.

N*E*R*D called the girls up on stage too, for the sexier songs (Everybody Nose, She Wants To Move, Lapdance, Sooner Or Later, and a cover of Take Me Out if I remember correctly).

This is all before their new stage buddy Rhea, though.

Then, it was time for another 4-letter major international act – KoRn!

If you spot the Adidas you know they gotta play A.D.I.D.A.S. (which does not stand for Adi Dassler, the founder…)

Here’s Fieldy with his signature Ibanez K-5!

Yes, the left-and-right two-beat headbang is part of KoRn’s music. Meet Ray Luzier!

Munky laying some chunky rhythm.

And, of course, the man in a kilt, Jon Davis!

No H.R. Giger microphone stand, unfortunately, but enough growl to teleport you back to the 90’s when KoRn hit the airwaves. They played the classics, mostly – in fact, I was surprised I recognized so many of them!

I don’t remember what they played, but roughly – Blind, Shoots And Ladders, Clown, Coming Undone, Falling Away From Me, Got The Life, Helmet In The Bush, Freak On A Leash, A.D.I.D.A.S., Here To Stay, Right Now… I think.

Aye, if I got my kilt on I might as well bring out me bagpipes!

In between songs, he would go to the back to his oxygen pipe – quite a necessity for vocalists with demanding vocals.

And that’s all from the Sunburst Music Festival 2009!

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  1. Lex Post author

    I saw NERD at Lovebox fest in July, he deffo looks healthier in this pics! LOL They are pretty damn good live…


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