Sony Alpha 550 Part 3!

Here’s more from the Sony Alpha 550! Thanks to Sony Malaysia, I was 710 meters above sea level in Langkawi Island. Some pictures can be clicked on for a larger view, and some pictures have EXIF data included.

Why so serious?

Minolta 70-210mm F4 beercan at 210mm F4.

Lives up to the 14.2 megapixels, albeit with some purple fringing. Click image for a 100% crop.

The floating bridge!

Don’t miss a spot.

Live View for the overhead angle.

It was so windy and misty up there, you’d just want to lie there and relax.

And then we went on to Morac International Karting!

Since I shot mostly at F11 to get slower shutter speeds for panning, I could not tell if the Alpha 550 was indeed more accurate in focusing in AF-C mode.

Click image for a 100% crop. That’s what +3 sharpening does!

smashpOp ready for action. 75mm F4.

Spotted at the side. Live View and a tilting screen helps with the angles!

It is recommended you air your tattoos every 7 days to keep them looking fresh. So I say.

Down in the Underwater World Aquarium we pushed ISO3200.

Pinky and the…

Angelfish, ironically looking like prisoners.

This was at ISO1600.

Regretfully, I forgot that I could shoot at ISO6400 and ISO12800 – it was a habit carried over from using the A700 and A900.

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