Sony Alpha 550 Part 2!

I’m back, after getting some new Kingston 1GB DDR400 RAM! Finally I can get some picture-editing done comfortably. (I am blogging about this in case my RAM dies and I don’t remember if it’s still under warranty or not…)

Now for more shots from the Sony Alpha 550! Some pictures can be clicked on for a larger view, and some pictures have EXIF data included.

Top: Face Detect off; bottom: Face Detect on. Exposure and white balance are improved!


Ng Chong Seng of Sony Singapore explains the difference between Auto HDR (introduced with the Alpha 500/550) and Dynamic Range Optimizer.

Here’s another slide which states that the Alpha 500/A550 has 30% faster autofocus and 30% better accuracy than the Alpha 350!

Here’s what 7 FPS looks like, in 14 frames or 2 seconds.


The Carl Zeiss 16-80mm F3.5-4.5 DT is big on detail to feed the 14.2 megapixel CMOS sensor with.

100% crop of a ISO1600 image.

Live View helped here.

DRO Level 5 does look a bit radioactive at times, but I love how radiant the greens become.

Another DRO Level 5 shot. Some careful adjustment of curves would help.

The 100 Plus can is only RM1.30! Welcome to Duty-Free Langkawi! Note the Skol Beer next to it is just 10 sen more!

Minolta 70-210mm F4 beercan at 210mm F9 ISO1250 with the 2x Smart Teleconverter for an effective 630mm focal length.

An easier bird to catch, with Auto HDR. I’ve adjusted the levels slightly – Auto HDR at 3 EV is much easier to tweak back into a believable image compared to DRO Level 5.

Shot with the Zeiss 16-80mm and 2x Smart Teleconverter for better reach and depth of field.

DRO Level 5, out of the window (adjusted levels to reduce the blue window tinge.)

I have to say, they’ve really done something to the JPEG engine – reds don’t blow out! Here it is at DRO Level 5.

Left: Auto HDR 3 EV; right: adjusted levels.

More up soon!

5 thoughts on “Sony Alpha 550 Part 2!

  1. perngleng Post author

    great review sifu!! really itching all over now!! just wondering…… with so many high tech specs like face detection and others, will this camera be one "tahan lasak" kind of camera?

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    perngleng: Probably as much as every body below the A700 – not bad, really!

    ewin: Awesome!

    hOcmun: LOL. It’s a nasty bug!

    Silencers: Thanks! Still felt the composition wasn’t perfect, though…


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