Street Inspiration

Guys, this is not street shooting yo! Get up and get the shot. (I waited in this spot to have some chicks walk behind them, unnoticed, but they didn’t come…)

The Minolta 50mm F1.4 at F2.0 makes for a great walkaround.

This is a crop.

All this, on the way to Federal Hotel for “My Job, My Passion…” Photography Talk by Encik Zainal Abdul Halim, a Malaysian photographer for Reuters.

Inside, we gathered insights into his world of photojournalism, and his ideas of composition. He works with only a 17-35mm and 70-200mm!

I loved his composition, in particular how he tends to frame subjects squarely, or diagonally across the frame. The Rule Of Thirds is abundant here, and he likes putting the event title in the background (if there is a background.) He’s a background-centric photographer (I am, too!)

And then, we went out to the poolside…

…to shoot what?

Models! Yes how random.

The commonfolk are happy.

Caryne, revisited (I have some pictures previously that I have not posted.)

Thanks to Jie Qiang for letting me take his Sigma 12-24mm F4.5-5.6 EX DG for a spin!

Yet another blistering wide 12mm shot on the A900.

Coupled with the HVL-F20AM flash at the 50mm setting, it makes for a spot-lit effect!

Then, I popped on the Carl Zeiss 135mm F1.8 for some good ol’ F1.8 action.

At F3.2, bokeh becomes neater.

At F5. Taking a cue from En. Zainal’s shot (albeit not stopping down fast enough to get a nice star-shaped flare.)

And so, we went to the street, inspired to wait for the pictures that we intended to create.

1, 2, and 3.

I then headed to Lot 10, where I bumped into Ginny Yap!

It was Amber Chia’s Ford Model Search!

Yes, Malaysia’s favorite supermodel Amber Chia! See me tiptoeing because she is tall as heck.

Ringo, I am terror like that. No questions nor qualms.

And so, tall girls from all over sat down waiting.

I tend to invoke that kinda response.

Ooo, that one too.

Later that night, I was at Titiwangsa LRT and I guess I had a little calling to do some photojournalism! (The midtones were pulled on this one, hence the posterization.)

Ah, a properly exposed one. While I could’ve shot with my wide-angle or 50mm I decided to go with 135mm on this one, to be a fair bit away in case it was going to explode! En. Zainal warned of an experience where he photographed a bomb detonation, but a shrapnel flew 1km and injured the soldier next to him in the leg.

The firemen came! Interestingly, I have a few photos of them not in fire-retardant suits yet. They put them on as they get off their trucks!

After the initial extinguishing, they hose it down to kill little flames.

The owner (I presume) looking over the charred remains of his car.

I don’t know if this can be saved – the rest of the car was alright though.

Finally, a fireman jots the details.

9 thoughts on “Street Inspiration

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    KJ: Eh? Yeah I forgot to mention, the registration page from Alphanatics a while back.

    hanna: It was for Sony Alpha users though. 😛 Will call you out someday!

    dreamingArtemis: Stopping down improves the clarity of the bokeh for this lens (as well as the Zeiss) to get it more like the beercan. The Ford Model Search was kinda open to walk freely into and pretend you were a official photographer. And nope, nobody stopped me from taking pictures of the fire…

    Bowdacious B: You shouldn’t have gotten lenses that do well on full-frame. 😀

    Cheesie: Hmmm still can’t access but here’s one I can see but cannot comment since the Haze is not my friend:

  2. dreamingArtemis Post author

    Wow, the 50mm f/1.4 really pops out. Strangely, I can only get such effects using a f/1.2.

    As for the models well I think the first one using the 135mm f/1.8 is really sweet and good! this one.

    You managed to get your photo taken with Amber? sweet! you got to tell me about these events! I wanna join! I may just defect to the alphanatic!

    Great works on the fire! You got great shots there! But did anyone stop you from taking the photos?

  3. hOcmun Post author

    cool. i’m sure you’re inspired more by the talk and put into practice! .
    by the way, in the #1 pic, who is the guy who sat nearest to the frame? the first guy you see in the picture, what is his name?

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    Syakir: I thought about that for a while, but that would go against the concepts expounded by Reuters where photo manipulation of any form is unacceptable. Otherwise I’d get the "eh what’s the number I want to buy 4D?" LOL.

    hOcmun: Er… I am not sure. 🙁


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