Pick A Strawberry

Remember that scene in the movie “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs“, where it is snowing ice-cream? Kids are eating chocolate and vanilla ice-cream, and one lone kid shouts “my favorite!” and crashes in the strawberry ice-cream.

It was Ice-Cream Day at the office, and we had a choice of 3 flavors – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. I see a resemblance! (I picked vanilla.) This is what was left after a few hours:

2 thoughts on “Pick A Strawberry

  1. waifon Post author

    but i like strawberry ice cream! and all things strawberry! it’s that misleading "strawberry" flavoured ice cream that gives people a bad impression of strawberry flavoured ice cream cos the neopolitan version tastes like medicine 🙁 we go hunt of stawbewwy ice cream next time and change your mind okeh!


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