Urbanattic at Capsquare, before they added a distracting skyline wallpaper, 8th May 2009.

An interesting setup, is where the pool table is…

…as I can get this angle!

The result being this.

Anyway, it was Free To Fall

…an all-girl band from Klang.

I love how consistent the lights at Capsquare are.

One of them is Samuel Oh’s sister.

I just realized that this crop is rather eerie…

From the back, there is a glass pane; unfortunately you can no longer shoot from that angle.

And then, for the main highlight of the night…

…a slight variation of the lineup of The Ramanados! Here’s Darren Ashley Thomas of Bus Company (Samuel Oh’s band) playing bass.

Of course, you must have the gregarious Gregory Ramanado on vocals and energy distribution.

The band plays the funk and soul, and he takes that and turns it to human form.

A more Extreme moment sans long hair.

They played a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers songs! I was loving it. Scar Tissue in the first set, and Around The World, Californication and Dani California in the last set.

“Oh no John left the band again!”

Birthday people. Coincidentally, it’s my birthday tomorrow (as of time of writing this). Really.

Other covers they played were Stevie Wonder – Superstition, Bob Marley – Redemption Song, Eagle-Eye Cherry – Save Tonight, and Oasis – She’s Electric…

…and of course their (should-be) hit single, Gypsy Girl.

Guest drummer.

Even the pool players turn around to hear the music.

Harp on it!

Greg doing a Jay Kay during Jamiroquai – Love Fool.

This reminds me of Brandon Boyd somewhat.

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