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6th August 2009: Down in Velvet Underground, Zouk was TimeOut KL’s Comedy Night! Yes, I braved re-entering Zouk. Here’s Matt the emcee!

Chi Ho, ex-schoolmate, and one of the funniest! His expressions, and ability to make fun of himself, and the flavor of humor (which was a fair bit wittier and clever) makes him a favorite.

Seriously man, his face itself has a kind of disarray which makes you laugh. Which works great with his self-referencing jokes.

Japaneeese in the crowd!

Nick crouches. Being a newbie however, he did as newbies did… eventually tanking.

Oliver Peters, who is funny.

Here he looks like an Indian Jesus. He then lost his hair!

Jimmy North took the stage! (And I was thinking it was a janitor’s shirt – I didn’t realize that his name was really Jim.)

He was on guitar – this was too familiar!

Then came the reason why I braved Zouk – Davina!

She started off alright…

…but as newbies do, they fail to note that stand-up comedy is, unfortunately, very formulaic.

You can’t be an activist and tell jokes at the same time; true comedians are able to bypass all inner boundaries and beliefs, and stuff you wouldn’t talk about, and make fun of everybody as well as yourself. It’s the courage of being able to do so, and the courage to defend oneself against a heckler (and make a joke out of it) that will win the crowd. Once the comedian acquires the skill of heckler defense, he/she is on the yellow brick road to success!

Of course, keep the crowd interested. You can’t take too long telling a story before the joke comes. Only people I saw able to do that were Douglas Lim and Harith Iskander but their stories came much later (and they probably had the crowd knowing they would deliver at the end, so they waited).

Finally, being able to string related jokes for extreme stomach-hurting combos is always a bonus.

Kavin ended the show. He was good. He’s related to Andrew Netto, which makes me wonder if comedy runs in the family.

Surprise son you’re married!

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