Moonshine 06-09

11th June 2009: Moonshine: A Homemade Music Show, down at Laundry Bar.

Joshua Foong the singer-songwriter.

He pulls the Nobita look down pat.

Ywenna keying in notes for another band with all-too-familiar members…

…of Rohnie Tan’s band, Naked Olive! Here we get to see him go full force on violin.

There was something nice about having very directional lights.

Objek Bulat was up next!

I wonder if it is hot where the drummer is sitting.

Again, loving the side light!

The classic Power Rangers theme song was played!

Not-so-long-haired Eddy took to the stage for Rollin’ Sixers.

For some reason, this picture of Khai reminds me of…

…the Untalkative Bunny.

And this one, of a Red Hot Chili Pepper headbanging.

Cool shirt dude!

Drum rollin’.

Whoa how do you do that lick again?

Eddy has a cool vintage-looking mike for his blues harp.

Dang, I wanna be in a rock and roll band too!

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