Moonshine 07-09

16th July 2009: Junk Lo-Fideo x Moonshine: A Homemade Acoustic Show, down at Laundry Bar. Malik introduces Laundry Bar, which has been around for uh… 4 years?

Faiz emcees and introduces the bands.

We welcome back mysteriously alluring Ywenna…

…and drummer Jimmy…

…and Nicole, in Rhapsody! Yes, my favorite jazz-funk-soul band is back. And if you wonder why this picture is strangely familiar, here’s why…

You might have seen it in the September 2009 issue of KLue magazine.

Yes with photo credits.

The Wongs, one of two Junk Lo-Fideo finalist bands.

Britpop was their flavor, and they won the contest!

Next was Bite Me Butterfly

…the other finalist band playing that night.

I finally get to catch Najlaa’s full band!

As I told Tarquin in the crowd, someday she’s going to be famous.

So don’t forget me!

He’s watching you.

All the way from Johor Bahru…


The new vocalist has that similiar Thom-Yorke-ish swagger.

I have to say, he is a lot more “there” than the previous vocalist was. Which is a good thing.

Trippy indie sounds.

Camwhore time!

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