#yorais the trend!

#yorais is so ancient, Twitter is not able to produce the older tweets! So much for going all the way to the first one started supposedly around 4pm or so.

Oh wait, here it is!
Transcript for #yorais – What the Hashtag?!

And these are my contributions to helping #yorais get on the trend (albeit a bit late to see it hit #3 and drop off the list.)

  • Before there was politics #yorais founded paleolithic, mesolithic and neolithic parties.
  • #yorais will find out about this tomorrow on Beriteks News.
  • #yorais is so old when he walks into a coffeeshop filled with white-haired uncles he asks, “do your parents know where you are?”
  • Sukar untuk #yorais membayar *tukar mode* parking *tukar mode* kerana mesin tidak menerima pohon pitis, kupang, jokoh atau jongkong buaya.

That makes our dear eloquent Rais Yatim cool in my book for two things – making it into the Top #3 trends in Twitter, and having a Sony Alpha 900. Now I just got to find that picture of him again…

Interestingly, it seems that using humor is a surefire way to being retweeted. Such that it even beat Haiti for a while. Yes, we Malaysians brought a minister higher up than a earthquake of epic porportions!

4 thoughts on “#yorais the trend!

  1. kenchill Post author

    TheStar’s article on what he said about Facebook and the internet is really hilarious man. OMG man. If what he say is really relevant, I think we should stop using electronics altogether!

    Well, well…


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