This Is A Tribute!

13th August 2009 was a special edition of Moonshine – it was the Moonshine Tribute Edition! Each band would pay a tribute to one particular band.

Pitbull Inc. covered Tenacious D! I have to say Steven really embodies Jack Black when he rocks out.

Storm The Gates! Lee!

Kickapoo! (Yes, that rockin’ song from Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny where a young JB argues with his dad.) In movie sequence, there was KG’s intro song Classico!

You could tell they were having too much fun playing the songs – and we had too much fun rocking out with them!

Master Exploder!

I do not need, (he does not need) a microphone (a microphone)
My voice is f–king, (f–king) powerful!
Aaah! Arghhh!

+10 points for actually having his voice come out of nowhere without a microphone!

Then came Karate and F–k Her Gently (with the gestures).

Who be that masked man?

This is not the greatest song in the world…

…this is a Tribute!

Every little solo and lick was covered. Honestly the best tribute band that night!

Oh yeah, I dig the new background lights in Laundry Bar.

I really didn’t recognize Amanda there!

Mari Soul Faith Leaper was next, covering the Foo Fighters!

They played My Hero, D.O.A.

…newer song The Pretender

and not-so-new No Way Back and Best Of You.

I guess I was hoping for more classic stuff from The Color And The Shape or their self-titled album.

Next up – HamsterDamnAged, covering the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

Khai is like… what?

They covered Rich, Date With The Night

Men and Tick.

Sharon does an excellent Karen O!

When you have an all-girl band you gotta have a girl drummer…

…and a girl guitarist.

Yeah we don’t have a bassist just like them Yeah Yeah Yeahs.” Not that they need it – they already pull off high-octane punk with just 2 main instruments!

Ending the night was Auburn, covering what was obviously a strong influence in their music – Silverchair! I myself didn’t realize this until later exposure to early grunged up Silverchair.

Aizat Amdan AF5 sings along to Without You.

Long time no see Natalie on keyboard!

They also covered Asylum, The Greatest View and Slave. I remember wishing they played Untitled!

Amanda revisited.

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