Moonshine 09-09

10th September 2009: Moonshine: A Homemade Music Show at Laundry Bar, with Will Ng.

He sang cheery Chinese songs and ballads.

Ever so cheeky, with jokes I did not understand because I am a banana!

Milli’z! A fair bit different without a guitarist.

Ling looks like a cartoon character in that striped top.

Melina gets sniped.

I borrowed Fazri‘s Sigma 30mm F1.4 EX DC, and I have to say it is excellent on the A900, even in full-frame! The vignetting is quite a nice effect.

A nice tight crop from the Sigma. It has a bit of a plasticky rendition in the highlights, though. Here’s Snow Symphony!

I love this shot, and I love the Sigma for its focal length on FF and the vignetting. It just works!

Arrr, Savy?

Rohnie who was on violin earlier with Milli’z ups the scale of his stringed instrument.

Cassandra Chong makes her Malaysian tour again. Wow, how she has morphed!

Jazz, funk, soul and a real groovy vibe.

I loved how Fook just played a very… gritty jazz bass? I don’t know what to call it. Everything that I like about the double bass sound, the way each note bounces, he maxed out.

Eddy snipes with my Carl Zeiss 135mm F1.8. Dude when are you getting a camera back?

No drama he’s just the drummer.

I can’t wait for her to do her Malaysian tour again (and get Fook again!)

3 thoughts on “Moonshine 09-09

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    ewin: Thanks man! Eh you also developing good style and color!

    zaque: Proper exposure is key. Luckily that night the lights were good, not just the annoying purple lights. I have to admit for this I shot RAW+JPG and processed the RAWs to control the highlights (though the JPGs have the same color.)


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