Bratpack Nite!

24th October 2009 was when I stepped into the new Lepaq Cafe, in Kelana Mall (behind Giant, Kelana Jaya.)

Some props were very familiar, like the liquid-papered table.

Anyway, it was Bratpack Nite, to raise funds for the Electric Minds Project. Here’s a Russian comedian (I did not catch his name) who looks a lot like

Alfred Loh, who many say looks a lot like me.

It was dim and ISO3200 was the order of the day.

Zawen Anwar, male model.

Khai, male.

Effa Desa, female.

Nick Dorian, part of the Electric Minds Project.

Davina Goh doing a kickass cover of Ella Fitzgerald – Black Coffee.

Precariously, she hit the high notes spot on. Very solid!

Khai was next!

Ollie Johanan, stand up comedian. (Pardon the misfocus and amateurish attempt to correct it.)

Nick takes the stage and sweeps us off our feet.

Guitar-playin’ man.

Elza Irdalynna sings along.

The Russian comedian asks if he can sing along with Tony Leo Selvaraj.

Lepaq’s own Ain Zulkifly! What a voice.

Among one of the fundraising activities was an auction of Ollie and the Russian comedian on a date. Er, as in, the bidder dates both of them…

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  1. elza irdalynna Post author

    thanks for the post! lovely pix! be sure to come to all our other gigs! keep an eye out, bratpack may make a comeback 😉


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