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Those of you with Sony Alpha 700 bodies who have been using it for a long time and accumulated a large shutter count might want to inspect your mirror assembly for wear and tear.

Here, the Main Mirror Retainer was broken! I found it resting outside (on the lower area of this picture, outside the shutter) when I was changing lenses once.

This was the main mirror retainer. There should be a third piece to the right.

I sent it in for warranty and got it fixed for free, fortunately. The part number was 3-269 002-01. It costed RM12 in their system!

A similiar fate befell a friend of mine – the main mirror retainer keeps the mirror from dropping off, in case the glue wears out. Here, his main mirror retainer is gone too, and his mirror can slide out when raised. So when he takes a picture the mirror locks up!

It could move about inside, like so.

Behind the mirror was this – a black mask. You can see the glue marks.

When the mirror and mask were removed, you could look right through, to the secondary mirror, which reflects light down to the AF sensors (you can see it in the reflection.)

For the moment, his main mirror is held in place by scotch tape until he has time to send it in for repair. It is holding well, he says.

On a side note, the Alpha 900 does not have a main mirror retainer – instead, the retainer is built in to the mirror uh… cartridge so it cannot possibly break.

4 thoughts on “Mirror Not Lock Down

  1. Wing Wong Post author

    Thanks for your informative page. The same thing happened to my mirror clip and was wondering why the mirror was wobbling. It was on its last clip leg. 🙁


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