Rewind to 4th November 2009, for Andrew Netto’s Having A Look At Laughter (H.A.L.A.L.) at No Black Tie!

But first, opening act The Ramanados! Here’s Greg bringing out the soul in Gypsy Girl.

Jared on drums.

Herman the bass man, with a most kickass bass wah sound! I loved their little funk jam!

Then came Andrew’s cousin, Kavin, who also does stand-up comedy!

And then it was headliner Andrew Netto, arguably Malaysia’s youngest stand-up comedian!

I like how Gutenbergian the Threshold filter came out (of course, several layers and masks were used.)

In comparison, here’s the normal-colored one, slightly cropped.

Dude I’m looking forward to your next gig, too many interesting things have happened in Malaysia! In that sense I like localized comedy by local comedians because they are likely to make fun of recent events, some more than others. Andrew’s always got something to say about current affairs.

I’ve posted many pictures of him, but what about the audience?

Front row!

Jojo Struys is a fan!

Melissa is a fan! (And the toll-collecting keeper of the passageway.)

Alex has distinct laughter! I heard him from way in front and went to say hi.

Prema who I didn’t get to say hi to!

I don’t know this amused lady’s name.

Full house means you gotta double-park on the staircase.

Jojo and Andrew back to back!

Albert and Greg back to front!

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