Vivitar, Fixed.

I revisited my ol’ Vivitar 24mm F2.0 DIY Tilt-Shift and made it a regular-focusing 24mm F2.0 by adding two screws to hold the lens to the mount! Also added a little tape to make it lock in place when mounted on the camera. This also obstructed the aperture lever, but I meant to use it as a true constant aperture lens, fixed at F2.0.

It was, of course, a reversible procedure, so I could reenable tilt-shift functionality when I wanted. It’s pretty fun as a regular lens, too!

Being all manual focus, I tried to camwhore. I had to take a burst of shots while moving back and forth. The brightline bokeh is so offending in this, I will remove it for the next few shots (and thus, this is the only picture with honest bokeh.)

Click picture for larger version! It resolves amazingly even wide open, albeit with a fair bit of haze, and is prone to flare. I had to do some Unsharp Masking to pull out microcontrast from the gauzy picture.

Its minimum focus distance is 30cm, for some impressive wide-angle close-up capability.

This makes this lens my closest-focusing rectilinear lens (the Peleng 8mm F3.5 M42 is a circular fisheye.)

At close range, it picks up a heck load of detail off Shawn!

For the pixel peepers. Note that I have pulled the shadows a fair bit in DxO Optics Pro 6.1.2 hence the slightly artificial look. Note the extreme coma in the taxi lights in the top-left quadrant, the purple fringing on the taxi in the center and the spherical aberration in the bottom-left corner. Disregarding that, there is still a lot of rich detail in the center!

I love 24mm on FF. If Carl Zeiss decides to come out with a 24mm F1.4 ZA (A-mount) I would definitely buy it!

Manual-focused, rangefinder guesstimation style. Here’s Suzanne “mohawk eyebrow” Lee who is back in town!


Irene likens me to a banana. Have fun in your new (old) office!

Muzz got relocated, too!

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