Moonshine Turns 4!

Moonshine: A Homemade Music Show, turned 4 years old. This was in conjunction with Laundry Bar’s Green Day Out, 19th November 2009!

Here’s David Lloyd Knight in 3 frames playing 3 instruments. Click picture for a bigger version!

Diandra Arjunaidi and her co-guitarist on stage.

Kien Lim does deep folk.

Otam, bluesman and his drummer!

Isaac Entry with the feelgood tunes…

…and Zarul blowing that harp.

Steph and the hammock.

Reza Salleh and band were… more aggressive this time. +2 Aggression!

Except for Melina who already plays furiously so she just did +1 Aggression.

Secret Santa.

Brad Pitt-lookalike in the audience!

Najwa pulls up the jam with her funk soul jazz tingling.

Say what?

Random crowd shot heh.

Stoned Revivals ended this extended night of Moonshine (which started at 8pm!) Click picture for bigger version!

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