Rock The World 9 Part One!

26th December 2009 was Rock The World 9 down at Bukit Jalil! Here are shots from the crowd.

Oh yes, it rained twice. Where is her dude?

Rocking out in the rain, perhaps.

You will always find cool T-shirts at rock concerts.

Darnit I wish I ran a few steps back and shot this in portrait orientation – they looked so American Gothic!

(I did, but then their friends came over and they turned to face their friends instead.)

I got your back.

I wonder what happened to his mohawk in the rain!

Jason Lo, the man responsible for all this, interviewed by Bo of Unseen TV.

Haniff of XFM glomps Rock The World 8 emcee Fadhil!

Ray Gaban also of XFM. Both him and Haniff emceed for the Indie Stage.

Funny that any musician I met that day still calls it Xfresh.

Sara takes the smaller Chill Out Stage.

Harooooon, classic Rock The World emcee, takes the Main Stage (with Fadhil).

A side view of the Main Stage, with sheets to protect the sound equipment from rain.

His job was to check passes and open the heavy metal doors at the barricades.

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