Two days ago, I just handed in all my college projects. Hopefully I will pass and it will all be over. Freedom? Well, not completely. I still have exams on the 20th and 22nd of August 2003. 🙁

If you see me online on the nights before then, tell me to go back to the books or something. If you are an operator for a chatroom I am in, kick me!

Anyway, I was bored, as my brother was at the computer all night. This was sparked by Malaysia’s national anthem having its name changed from Negaraku to Malaysiaku. Patriotic, am I not?

Negaraku/Malaysiaku by Albert Ng
5th August 2003

Standard EADGBe tuning, maybe put a capo because I’m not sure if it’s at the right notes, it’s just easy to play at its location.


Note: 0~ uses the Tony IommiTM behind-the-nut bend

Improvements/improvisations anyone?

Oh yes, it’s a small world when you know the bigshot hot hoochie mamma who won’t let you touch her much less bump her knees Rocket Queen.

Oh yes. Right after the last project was handed in, I celebrated by spending lavishly. Dang those upper and downers, those misguiding bomb droppers! Uh yes, the fruit better taste good.

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