Rock The World 9 Part Five!

26th December 2009: Rock The World 9 at Bukit Jalil! Here’s the sweet-voiced Liyana Fizi. Sadly I missed Take It Slow and any possible dedications. 🙁

Disagree. Zahid gives everybody a big hug for coming for Rock The World 9!

Ajin those glasses are too cute man!

This is, of course, Brainhead.

Azlan & The Typewriter with a familiar Lan (formerly of MeetUncleHussain!)

And then it was time to Rock And Roll, Rock And Roll with the very infectious…

…rock-and-rocking Couple!

This is the new pop – Love Me Butch! Well no not really, they keep it real.

Stonebay keeps it locked down in the 90’s.

Ridzuan of Seven Collar T-shirt shows us his favorite pick to make haunting melancholic rock with.

So who was on vocals for MeetUncleHussain then? Was it this guy…

…or this guy?

A most interesting battle ensued.

Emcee Harooooon! also told us this band used to be called Meet Saddam Hussain. Interesting.

One Buck Short on stage, and on the speakers.

Bittersweet, who also had a new vocalist. Still very much Brit!

Pesawat besar.

Bunkface ended the night past midnight.

I hope all of you who stayed past the LRT’s closing time, managed to get home!

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