I’ve not cut my hair since the 11th of October 2004. (Credits to smashpOp for taking this picture.)

On the 28th of March 2010, I will cut my hair – all of it. I will go bald!

That would make a 1994 day streak of uncut hair (I did shave though.)

This is for WorldVision Malaysia‘s Operation Botak. Its aim is to raise funds to build a learning resource centre and equip a mobile library; I quote the site:

Over half of Sabah’s population is scattered amongst isolated rural areas. We hope to raise RM100

9 thoughts on “cHAIRity

  1. dreamingArtemis Post author

    what!? you go bold?! Kinda hard to imagine. Your hair always seemed like an important aspect of your personality.

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    bryanlyt: Indeed, I will too!

    Junyu: Yes, the mass shaving ceremony on the 28th is talked about in the link.

    dreamingArtemis: Indeed, but at the same time my long hair makes the shape of my head obvious. So in a way it’s still going to look the same just with a different color on top.


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