Moonshine HD!

I present to you a new high definition image resolution on my blog – 720×480 pixels! What better to start it off than with Moonshine: A Homemade Music Show, a certain 10th of December 2009 ago.

This new resolution is due to Facebook finally supporting 720 pixels on my account, for all of you who like to take my pictures and post on your Facebook profile (but keep the watermark yeah! If you insist on removing the watermark, make sure to credit me in the text.)

This also marks the first time I have broken compatibility for 640×480 screens (explains my previous 600×400 image size.) Well at least it’s still compatible for 800×600 screens!

Zalila Lee, the funky songmeister.

This shot of her made it to the birthplace of the Moonshine show – No Black Tie.

Spot my picture in the calendar!

Somebody’s had a long night.

Next up, Monoloque! Loque of Butterfingers on the left.

There was just something about his expressions which were so funny!

Loque’s Dahlia.

Keys all over the left, and electronic drums all over the right.

Closeup of the Roland V-Drums.

Kadak of Butterfingers on bass…

…and keyboard. Er, how many keyboards were there again?

Kinda makes a fretboard look underdressed.

Then came a surprise in Jack The Shredder’s usually long hair…

…for the all-time crunchy progressive modern rock purveyors Tempered Mental.


Do you Recall?

There was a Beat It solo in between songs, which was way cool.

Next up was big ska band 40 Winks!

I don’t think I ever remember the dude on the left without shades.

I cheated on this – put in some barrel distortion to make the center guy bigger in scale.

How you all doing in the back?” asks the energetic Faiz Rosli.

My favorite shot of the night. I had begun to appreciate 24mm more on full-frame (and this on the Minolta 24-105mm F3.5-4.5(D), which would be too dark for this place.)

4 thoughts on “Moonshine HD!

  1. gizmo_pony Post author

    hey, love all the shots !

    Got question, why when I post something on FB, the colors become duller, not exactly the same as I can view on my screen before uploading ?

    Prior uploading, I already converted to sRGB …

    thanks albert !

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    gizmo_pony: Facebook recompresses the pictures – you gotta resize it to 720×720 max but even then they might screw around with it.

    Which is why I don’t upload my pictures on Facebook.


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