Vain Braidy

If you’re wondering why my hair looks kinda flat now, it is not because it knows it is going to be cut for charity.

It is because I am concealing… cornrows!

From the side, I look kinda cyberpunk or Predator-like. And I like it.

The first person that came to mind when I got this, was Chuck Mosley, original vocalist for Faith No More. Then the long mohawk was quite Anthony Kiedis-like. There was definitely something 80’s and quite metal-ish about this (or maybe it was my face!)

From the back. I originally wanted a typical basketball/globe projection design but Tony the hairstylist said my head was not round so it would not suit that style. And so, it was parted in 3, with the hair in the middle untouched so I could do whatever I want with it (a mohawk, or cover my cornrows!)

I love the ability to hide my cornrows to avoid questions and girls following me home who cannot stop saying how cool it is.

(Credits to Waifon for taking this picture.)
The hair was parted in many ‘combs’ and each ‘comb’ was then braided very close to the scalp. Yes, it was painful at first! However once it gets to the end of each comb it becomes a regular braid.

(Credits to Pin Pin for taking this picture.)
Here you can see the individual braids hanging out, unfinished.

It also hurts to have your neck in that position, more than it does when the braiding happens!

Finally, the individual braids are combined into one big braid, which forms one of two major trunk lines, which are then secured with a hair band each. (Refer to the back view above.)

I now have major respect for anyone with cornrows and dreadlocks – the process of getting it hurts!

69 GET! (Liquified in Photoshop.)

I got my cornrows done at C’Cut Hair Salon, Lot 85, 5th floor, Berjaya Times Square. This is certainly not your usual salon as you’ll see when you enter. 😀

For all the other pictures I shall thank smashpOp and his Minolta 70-210mm F4 beercan lens at 210mm F11 for a perspective that will bring out the hair.

And yes, I am still going bald this 28th of March 2010 so please do donate to the cause! It was my hair’s last wish to get funky (I originally kept long hair with the intent of making it dreadlocks but it was too socially unacceptable so I settled for cornrows.)

7 thoughts on “Vain Braidy

  1. kenchill Post author

    LOL. 1st picture taken with PHD, before entering hospital! And last picture… PHD also.

    "kept long hair with the intent of making it dreadlocks but it was too socially unacceptable" … HMMMMM!!!!

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    kenchill: LOL not to jab at you. Whenever I say I plan to get dreadlocks I immediately get "you’re not riding in my car anymore!"

    Matthew: Yes it is Toon Link (who was renamed on 4chan by the 69th poster, hence 69 GET!)

    ganz: Yeah man!

    dreamingArtemis: Everybody says it is cool. And yes, there has been envy!

    smashpOp: Thanks, and thanks again for taking the pictures!

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