Spot Bald!

On the 28th of March 2010, more than 38 brave souls decided to shave their heads bald for charity.

What charity, to be exact? Worldvision Malaysia‘s Operation Botak.

Imagine for a minute now that you are hiking through the jungle. You need to climb up the hill starting at 6am, because your destination is beyond the hill and you need to be there at 7:30am. It is totally dark.

Now imagine doing that every morning because that’s how you go to school! Would you want to do that, or skip school altogether?

And so, Worldvision is aiming to raise RM100,000 to build a learning resource centre and equip a mobile library! I quote the site:

Over half of Sabah’s population is scattered amongst isolated rural areas. We hope to raise RM100,000 to help provide indigenous communities in the interiors of Tuaran and Kota Belud with the gift of education and literacy by equipping a mobile library and learning resource centre.

Thus, we’re challenging our more fervent supporters to go bald for literacy.

You can see these fervent supporters here:
WorldVision Malaysia’s Photos – Operation Botak

It is no wonder you can see smiles on their faces as it all goes off.

Mine, too. Yes, I pledged to raise RM1,000 for the fund. You can see what a clean shave Snips hairstylists did to retain my cornrows!

I have raised RM310 so far. Previously the donations had a deadline of 25th March 2010 but this has been extended indefinitely until the target is met.

So please, donate, because I lost my hair which has not had a pair of scissors touch it for 1994 days. Or 5 years 4 months and 17 days.

To donate to the cause, download this form:

You can then send it by post, fax, or email the form to

Neat how they shaved it – I could actually hold it up!

Going deep. I don’t know where I’ve seen this pose before.

Does it get any more literal than this?

Jessica pledges too! Her hair is first tied up…

You go girl!

Husband and wife. They can later see whose hair grows faster!

Jessica rocks too.

I went in again to get it skinned. Obviously, one is a senior hairstylist while the other is a junior (they are, after all, from Snips Academy.)

Some of the participants.

Plus the emcee Deborah Henry (who has also sponsored a child under Worldvision!)

She didn’t brave the pain of cornrows but the warmth of the electric razor wasn’t a problem.

Yes it was warm! However being bald, air currents just cool your head. I like how splashing water on my head gives a refreshing feeling. Oddly, even a cold shower feels very warm!

Shower-head view.

Zeiss 135mm F1.8 view. A further distance helps to give a different geometric projection.

I think I look like the Quake 2 protagonist here.

Yes there is a bit of rash, probably from the cornrows tugging on my hair.

Rembrandt light. I could see my reflection in the camera lens and adjust angle accordingly.

All shots of me (and Jessica) taken by Waifon unless it is obvious that I took it, like when you can see my hands outstretched to hold up a fisheye, like so:

Here’s Tan Shu-Yi (left) and Ng Oon-Ee (right) making a hidden mickey of me!

You can see my previous two hairstyles here:

Vain Braidy


So yeah if I can sacrifice my hair for charity, I’m sure you could spare some money to help the kids in Sabah! 😀

16 thoughts on “Spot Bald!

  1. lex Post author

    I can’t make out if you look better or younger. You look very zen and monk-like. Must get you an orange robe! 🙂

    And nice job mate!

  2. christock Post author

    This is an amazing piece of work! 5 years of HAIR ALL GONE for the sake of other ppl :'(


  3. Albert Ng Post author

    Will: Yeah, surprisingly the other participants also pulled it off well!

    Michael Chee: Thanks man, and thanks for your generosity!

    Junyu: Thank you! :DD

    smashpOp: Yeah man!

    mao mao: I put one of those and try to avoid ‘same scene’ pictures.

    hanafinoor: Thanks man; I’ve always been just that people remember the hair more!

    lex: Peace upon you sister Lex!

    ganz: Thanks man!

    wingz: Thank you brother Wingz!

    christock: I mourn my cornrows too! 🙁

    MissyCheerio: Yeah man I know right? 😀

    Dan Khoo, I would like to copy that pose soon!

    *avoids KJ with a dodge*

    dreamingArtemis: Didn’t know it talked, but yeah.

    Laveen: Thanks rabbit long time no see!


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