Keyboard Slump

It’s been a while since I’ve changed the default skin for my site, mostly because of lack of inspiration. So take this uninspired Keyboard skin, chosen only because of its after-banging-head-on-table angle!

Before this, it was The Waiting Room. Of course, there are much better choices in my Skins page, so browse around!

Oh yes, this Friday will be my last exam for my entire Advanced Diploma course.

Ironically, to fail now would have the worst consequences – had I failed subjects in previous semesters, I would retake them in the next semester. Failing any subject now would mean I’d have to extend my stay in Informatics. 🙁

It’s not that I hate the place, I’d just rather not continue there. Of course, I am forever grateful and thankful for that stroke of luck sometime in December 2000. Ask me how I got my full scholarship!

0 thoughts on “Keyboard Slump

  1. cl2002 Post author

    So, can you tell me which subjects do you think you’ve done so well that you can get an A or B? Sure, I don’t like to see you fail to obtain your diploma just because you failed one subject!

    But what plans do you have in mind if you fail?

    Yes, tell us about the full scholarship thing. 😉

  2. WeeHoong Post author

    Oh great. So you;ve got yourself a new skin. Nice. Mmm… Better than the waiting room. That. Room. It… It… Stinks. Hahhaa… jokin


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